What’s the matter? Warm milk not cutting it? We feel your pain. Here’s some shit you can try.


Lot's of Z's. No prescription.
Lot’s of Z’s. No prescription.

This shit is the bomb. Over the counter sleeping pills that won’t leave you feeling like a zombie in the morning. Once, on a 14 hour flight from LA to Sydney, we took a tablet at take-off and woke up an hour before landing. That’s some time travel magic right there.


Warm milk is a myth.
Warm milk is a myth.

Don’t even mess around with any other rum. A nice big glass of this will have you doing one of two things: Feeling nice n’ woozy, or talking like a pirate. Please don’t talk like a pirate. And don’t waste your money on the expensive XO, the 23 year old is better.



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