This makes no sense.
Moon Stamps? Is there even anyone up there to get a letter if we sent one?

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Now you can moon your mail carrier … not in the scatological sense, but in the philatelic sense.

To celebrate tonight’s full moon, the U.S. Postal Service officially released its circular moon stamp today. One stamp sells for $1.20, and provides “Global Forever” postage for sending a 1-ounce letter to most countries around the world. (Technically, they can go to any country that’s reachable by First Class Mail International service.)

You can buy the stamps at post offices or online. And if you’re a hard-core stamp collector, you can get a first-day-of-issue postmark or first-day cover by following the instructions in today’s news release.

moon stamps why?
The “Global Forever” moon stamp was issued to coincide with February’s full moon, which is also known as the “Snow Moon.” © 2016 USPS

This isn’t the first round “Global Forever” stamp to be issued: That distinction belongs to the round Earth stamp that was rolled out three years ago. Other round stamps followed, including a false-color sea surface temperature stamp unveiled on Earth Day in 2014 and wreath stamps for the holidays. Those stamps are collector’s items, and the moon stamp is likely to achieve similar status.

But don’t spend all your money on the moon: Save some of your coins (preferably not the collectible ones) for the “Views of Our Planets” and the “Pluto – Explored!” stamps that are due for release in late May or early June, plus the “Star Trek” set that will be issued sometime this year.

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